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Hunting in breathtakingly beautiful Fiordland is an adventure only possible in New Zealand. On this trip you will chopper to a remote fiord where a boat and crew await to serve as your base of operation. Staying on a boat provides comfort in this rugged wilderness and access to virtually untouched hunting areas. An inflatable boat will take you from your main accommodation to shore so that you can hunt trophy red stag on foot, or a helicopter will take you to the tops if you are after thar or chamois. You will also have the opportunity to fish, snorkel, swim, or jet ski.

Our recommendation

Hunt 4 full days for red deer in the beautifull scenery of the Southern Alps and experience the acticities from the boat.

Cost for two hunters: 12.900 NZ$

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All taken trophies, guiding (1 by 1), f&b, accommodation on the boat, drop off and pick up via chopper, field preparations of trophies, rifle for the use during the hunt and all activities on board.

Not inclusive

Additional chopper transport, taxidermy work and shipping of the trophies, tip.

Available add onís

Permanent chopper access for your convinience: on request
Additional chopper use (per hour): 1.250 NZ$
Non hunter (one per hunter): inclusive
Surcharge for transport if more than 2 people: on request

Best time for this adventure

This hunting adventure is possible throughout the year. The best time would be during the rutting season of the red stag (April) and the rutting season of the tahr and chamois (Mai until late June).


This outdoor adventure can be combined with a number of holiday combinations or other fishing and hunting adventures.

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