Rugby World Cup 2011

Welcome to the Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand. The Rugby World Cup 2011 will present a great opportunity for visitors to explore some of the best Hunting and Fishing in the worlds. We have listed the venues and the possibilities at or near each venue. Please select the venues you are visiting to find out more about what there is to experience.

Venues and hunting and fishing possibilities in the area

New Plymouth
Palmerston North

Activity overview

If you have some time spare and you want to expirence Hunting & Fishing adventures that are not directly close to your venue explore our website or get some inspiration here:

Hunting Tahr
Hunting Chamois
Hunting Deer
Fishing New Zealand
Big Game Fishing Australia

We also offer visits at different hunting areas across New Zealand. Take a day off and visit an outfitter and explore a hunting area. Find out about the options for your hunt for when you return to New Zealand next time. Please contact us. for further questions. We will make sure you will get the best experience during your visit in New Zealand.

Please remember that this will be the busiest time of the year for local operators and spots are limited. Early bookings are recomended.

Some useful links:

Official Rugby World Cup 2011 website
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