headline-symbol Buffalo hunting in Australia

The difference in the challenges, the climate and the species to hunt makes a combination of hunting in Australia and New Zealand a stunning adventure. In combination or as a separate Adventure; Australia fascinates all its visitors.

Most hunters travel to Australia to hunt Water Buffalo, Scrub Bull and Wild Boars. But there is a greater range of other wildlife which can also be hunted alongside these animals.

The outfitters we us in Australia are amongst the best and our clients hunting in Australia will enjoy the same level of service that our international clients enjoy while hunting in New Zealand.


We offer 3 different kinds of hunting in Australia:

Pure Outback Safari: During these hunts you are accommodated in safari camps (tent camps) remotely located within the large national parks of the Northern Territory. The hunts offer genuine wilderness experience to hunters that want to experience a maximum outback adventure that requires fitness and determination. Therefore hunters will be reward with fantastic memories and experiences of a real Australian adventure. These adventures offer hunting for Buffalo, Wild Oxen and Wild Boars.

Wilderness hunting with a bit more comfort: These hunts equal the once described above in many ways but offer more comfort to the hunter. The hunting itself is normally not rated as challenging as the “Pure Outback Safari” and therefore suits most hunters with different levels of fitness. These adventures offer hunting for Buffalo, Scrub Bull and Wild Boars.

Combination of different species: These hunts allow to shoot many Australian species with the same outfitter as some of the hunting takes place on a game ranch. These hunts are the way to go for hunters that only visit for a few days or simply want to hunt a broad range of fantastic trophy animals. Also bow hunters enjoy the hunt on these premises. These adventures offer hunting for Buffalo, Banteng, Wild Oxen, Wild Boars, Hog Deer, Rusa, Blackbuck Antelope, Sambar, Chital (Axis Deer) and more.