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At present we donít hold a guestbook where people can leave their comments. Instead you can view many of our clientís pictures from our 2009 season on our website.

All photos found on this page and all other photos found under the following links have been taken by our clients in 2009.

Hunting New Zealand 2009/2010:

Red Stag hunting South Island
Red Stag hunting North Island
Hunting Tahr
Hunting Chamois
Fallow deer
Arapara Ram & Feral Goat

Fishing New Zealand 2009/2010:

Marlin and Big Game Fishing
Fly fishing with professional Guides
Saltwater fly fishing
Charter fishing East Coast

Hunting Australia 2009/2010:

Hunting Buffalo and Pigs in Australia

Fishing Australia 2009/2010:

Fishing Marlin in Australia

If you wish to receive contact details from some of these guests please contact us.