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On the new website of our sister company, Adventure Services we are presenting a range of low priced hunting & fishing opportunities in New Zealand. The reason for the lower prices is usually that the activities are more rugged and basic than the selection we present on this website.

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Land of Dreams Ltd. is a specialized travel agency for hunting and fishing adventures in New Zealand. We offer you a first class personalised service for everyone who shares the same passion and wants to visit our beautiful country of New Zealand.

Hunting or fishing in New Zealand is a great way to see all the beautiful scenery and wildlife that there is to be found here.

What We Offer:

Shooting Range

We maintain a full-service shooting range with reactive metal targets from shootingtargets7 these give instant feedback and are a ton of fun to shoot.

Straight fishing and hunting adventures in NZ

As single elements which you can include into your self planned holiday. If you would like one or more days of quality fishing or hunting during your holiday/stay, it is vital for us that you spend these days with a professional guide that will make the best of your time.

Outdoor adventures in combination with your holidays

In association with other travel professionals, we offer you and your family a complete package service organizing your holiday in New Zealand for you. You will get to relax whilst we book your flights, accommodation, activities and rental car or campers …read more

Tailor-made luxury tourism

For the discerning traveller is our special strength. In association with one of New Zealand’s finest agencies for inbound luxury tourism, there is nothing that we cannot do. Experience the pleasure of a luxury getaway in NZ; read more

Other combinations

Discover information about other Land of Dreams products such as camper holidays and group travel..

Harald Bettin hunting New Zealand